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♪ ♪ >> glenn: this is about those in washington stop spending us into oblivion. they're continually piling on more unsustainable debt. the best way to fundamentally transform america is collapse it first. i'm a recovering alcoholic. let me tell you something. the first step to recovery is admitting that we have a problem. hello. my name is america. and we have a problem. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: -- hello, america. welcome to a special week on the "glenn beck program."
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i'm judge napolitano. glenn is on vacation, but we'll bring you up to date on what he has been covering all year. crash course in beck studies. many of you watch the program religiously and some of you catch it every once in a while. others tuned in for the first time tonight. we have something for everyone, including special guests, special commentary, my thoughts and a whole lot more. let's kick it off with tonight's portion of the back-to-school crash course. it's labor day. it's fitting to start with our economy and the colossal threats it to. glenn takes it away. keep an eye out for someone else popping up this hour. ♪ >> glenn: let me introduce you to the people you would say are responsible for the unsustainability and possible collapse of the economic system. two people. there they are. cloward and piven. richard cloward, frances fox piven. they are authors of the cloward-piven strategy.
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something else to remember is that this isn't some consider theory we're tossing out here. they wrote about collapsing the economy and how they plan to do it in an awe article they coauthored in the 1960s, mobilizing the poor, how it could be done. six months later published in the nation under the title under the weight of the poor. tragedy to end poverty. what is the strategy and who is involved? well, do you remember on this program over the summer that tree? watch this. the roots of the tree of radicalism and revolution. if saul alinsky, it's woodrow wilson. that is how it's made legitimate. it's progressive. here are the roots. here is sds. this is for that democratic society. cloward and piven come in and say hang on a second. what we should do is collapse the system on its own weight. cloward and piven. they are using the same
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tactics. fear and intimidation. sds. cloward and piven overwhelm the system. look who the president has. wade raskey up the tree. dale, up the tree. bill ayers, up the tree. jeff jones, right up the tree. >> glenn: okay, cloward and piven had a split. they were radical columbia professors in the 1960s who believed in change and social justice. they were inspired by the riots in los angeles in 1965 and they wrote and published the article which outlines the best way to bring the type of alinsky social change to america. in their estimation, back in the '60s, every whelm the system. s.d.s. had radicals and say no, we want to bomb things. no. no. do the smart way. overwhelm the system and bring about the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with impossible demands. bring on the economic collapse. cloward and piven instructed
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the activist if a crisis didn't exist, think of this. promote or manufacturer one by exaggerating some unthreatening predicament. does healthcare come to mind? we have doctors pulling out tonsils and cutting off patient's feet. really? how about global warming? the methods worked for years. from 1965 to 1974, due to strategy and effort of piven and cloward and the followers total recipient on welfare rocketed from 4.3 million people to 10.8 million. in 1975, there were nearly 1 million welfare recipients in new york city alone. americans became horrified with a welfare state situation. as a result, cloward and piven and their devotees figured it out. they needed to be in the system. well, we have shown you how they've define that. the head of this in new york. here it is.
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the stimulus bill. outlining earlier this summer. stimulus bill was written in large part by the apollo alliance. who is on the board of the apollo alliance? one alum is van jones. in new york, the apollo alliance is headed by this guy. jeff jones. that is his mug shot there and his fingerprints. he is a partner for bill airs. why does he have a mug shot? the group, weather underground was bombing the united states. got it? bill ayers, that is the guy in his living room, barack obama launched his political career in chicago. we have shown you george soros is funding for many of the groups and that they went to one of the poorest sections in new york recently and gave away hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of your tax dollars. stimulus money. gave it out. we've shown you the acorn
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connections. the community organizers receiving untold billions in your money despite massive voter registration fraud and corruption. still, congress will not turn off the spigot for 60 days. doesn't sound like somebody is trying to overload the system yet. >> i'm ben stein. i understand the theory that glenn often talks about, about a group of far leftist trying to overburden the economy so it collapses. yes, i think they're too stupid about the economy to realize it's going to overburden the economy. they think of the economy as an unending gusher of. >> this is a rich country. we have plenty of money, plenty of money out there. the question is how are we going to spend it? >> unending gusher of money. >> we are five days away from fundamentally transforms the united states of america. >> glenn: how did that not send a chill down our spines?
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now reconsider what this means now, how important that is. this healthcare bill is the transformation he was talking about. it's the beginning. it's the beginning. history will equate this as big as the new deal or pearl harbor. if you think that is overstating the importance, remember we are talking about one-sixth of the u.s. economy. >> now, you keep repeating the notion it's one-sixth of the economy. yes, it's one-sixth of the economy but we're not transforming one-sixth of the economy in one fail swoop. >> glenn: all in one fail swoop. amazing moment of honesty from the president. just as promised he it will be gradual. >> i believe not just politically but economically it's better for us to get a system in place a universal healthcare system signed into law by the end of my first term as president.
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build off the system to make it more rational. by the way, canada did not start off immediately with a single payer system. they had a similar transition set. >> transitioning a system is costly and lengthy enterprise. not like you turn off a switch and go from one system to another. >> glenn: i mean, america, let me ask you this. how do the c.b.o. numbers make any difference? what is it? $954 billion. whoa! that's a party in my pants. thank for sending that one by. how does that make a difference? the "new york times" said that every major part of this health bill is about redistribution of wealth. did you see that? when we were on the air saying it's about the redistribution of wealth. this isn't about healthcare. this is changing money, taking it from the rich and giving it to the poor.
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we were mock and called crazy. now the "new york times" says that. senator from montana saying that this is redistributive change. that's what this healthcare is about. the other story today is about 20, 2 -- 2020. every tax dollar will be eaten up by social security, medicare and medicaid and the interest on the debt. every tax dollar we currently bring in. that's ten years from now. is there anybody here that thinks -- when you say "these people" were you referring to republicans and the democrats? or just -- both of them. >> both of them. it's really gotten out of hand lately. the democrats complain loudly about george w. bush's $500 billion deficit and they get in office and quadruple it. >> we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it. >> open up the healthcare bill. who doesn't like a good surprise or two?
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besides me. maybe you especially when it comes to the country. it doesn't take a reason why anyone wouldn't want to know what is in the bill. pass it, pass it. they didn't have it 24 hours before it was passed. why? why would you do that? you knew if you -- that was creepy, wasn't it? you knew if people understood it, they wouldn't want it. if it was so great, they would want you to -- look at this. if they wanted to they would have taken every day and every day shown you how great it was. instead they rushed it through on a weekend. five days before the president said i don't know what is in the bill yet. if it was so great they wouldn't have had to bribe their own member in their own party. the bill is not great. far from great. but it's now ours.
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they had to be deceptive for us to get past it. >> i'm ben stein. it's worse than that. a huge mill stone around the neck of the american employers and a mill stone around the neck of american hospitals and doctors and it is going to wreck the healthcare system and make it impossible for people to get healthcare. why couldn't they give people a check to buy health insurance? instead they have a huge giant weight weighing down the american economy. >> glenn: i want to tell you about another major reform about to be jammed down your throat. excited? the financial reform bill. i'm giddy. all the greedy wall street fat cats need to be stopped. this will do it. no, it won't. it will only make things much, much worse. and on a global scale. you know who is in charge of this? this is great. barney frank putting final touches on the bill.
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i love barney frank. and chris dodd, too. there they are. i have complete confidence in chris dodd and barney frank. they finally ensure there will never be a recession again and bad guys will be scooped up. i don't think they're separate people. frankendodd. we are creating a monster and that's what it is. frankendodd. the monster is out again. grab your torch. bring out the monster! how much debate has there been on this financial bill? how much talk on cable news? how much talk on talk radio? you see people going to town hall to talk about the financial bill? no. it's about the ooechl bankers. 1500 page bill. do you think the clowns in washington -- sorry, i'm not going to call them "clowns" anymore. the monsters that are doing this to us. do you believe the bill is a
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benevolent powerless meaningless stack of paper that is only going to protect you? here is what is coming in the financial bill. and foremost does nothing to address the problem of fannie and freddie. no regulation on fannie and freddie. fannie and freddie helped create the housing mess. then they needed $125 billion bail-out, they haven't scratched the surface paying back yet. nobody is looking at fannie and freddie. this is a financial bill. it creates a special protected class too big to fail. gee, in section 113. a financial stability oversight council will be established to choose the firm firms deemed too big to fail. if you think of any other firms that maybe were a little reckless, because they didn't care if they failed. they knew they would be bailed out by the government. can you think of maybe two firms? so not only is the bill not
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doing anything to stop fannie and freddie, as they continue to lose hundreds of billions of dollars of your money. this bill is actually going to create the protected class of fannie and freddie. and make more. here is where it gets really good, though. it provides for seizure of private property. without meaningful judicial review. how does this happen? the trusted secretary of the treasury can open seizure of any financial firm he finds in danger of default that would hurt the country economy. again, bureaucrat getting to make the distinction. this creates bureau of financial protection. just to protect you.
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protect consumers. this bureau will have broad powers to limit what financial products and services can be offered to consumers. as i say that, i think of anthony weiner. trying to protect consumers from goldline? yeah. wow! go to for more on that. so it's supposed to help you. here is what it will do. reduce choices and likely make credit more expensive and harder to get. also allows them to -- you'll love this -- track consumer transactions. now they can just track your credit card, baby. isn't that great? non-financial officials are subject to financial regulation. listen again how broad this section is. this is section 102. it defines a non-bank
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financial company as a company substantially engaged in activities in the united states that are financial in nature. hmm. tell me the companies that aren't financial in nature. bakeries? sure they are making cupcakes and bread. but in the end isn't it financial in nature, your honor? they are making sure the bill is jammed down america's throat and finished. this is the date. they are going to vote on it tomorrow. there are dates in the country that will live in infamy. black tuesday, october 29, 1929. pearl harbor, december 7, 1941. september 11, 2001. now i believe you can add july 21, 2010, to this list. this will be the day remembered that the day that the final nail in the republic was pounded in to the coffin. president obama signed the financial reform bill today.
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>> i'm ben stein. the whole problem financial activity is fraud and we had a lot of laws on the books without fraud. if we could just enforce laws on the books already we wouldn't need the giant goldberg contraption of new regulation and agencies. what do we need? more of the friends in the service employees international union i guess. >> democrats are still patting themselves on the back for passing the bill, measure to destroy jobs and the economy further. 2300 pages in the legislation. the congressional research office recently reported that it will create so many boards and offices and new organizations in the government it's "impossible to determine from reading the bill how many of these will be created." how can we have a law when people charged with enforcing it can't even understand it? all right. up next, economic impact from a government horrific
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takeover of general motors. xxúú
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back now with the special crash course on the fundamental transformation of the economy. next item on the list, the
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economic fallout from the federal takeover of general motors. >> glenn: great news, america. g.m. is completely fixed. check this out from the ceo ed whitaker from general motors. >> i'm here to announce we have repaid our government loan. in full, with interest. five years ahead of the original plan. >> glenn: i don't know where he is walking to, but ed, i'm glenn. why are you saying that? i mean, i'm thinking that if you want to be a company, that all americans can be proud of, maybe you shouldn't -- what did they call it -- lie to our faces. now it's spin. i'm picky that way. if paid in full with interest you mean we still owe $43 billion, well, well then, there is no spin there.
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that is what you hold, america. $43 billion. plus the minimum $12 billion in union pensions. yeah, g.m. for some reason is being allowed to say they have paid back $6.7 billion. so they paid it back! yeah. that may be confusing. you know, given the fact that g.m. loss $4.3 billion in the second half of 2009. now i don't know how you pay back gigantic loans when you are losing money hand over fist. but somebody does. tarp special inspector general neil barofsky is shedding light on ed's fuzzy math. here he is. >> if there is any money left in the account after a certain period of time, it has to be used to repay the debt. g.m. is pulling it forward and taking money out of the
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tarp capital facility and using it to pay off the debt. >> glenn: oh, i see. okay. here is uh-oh it works. g.m. and look, they had very little money. they couldn't pay. they had no money. no money in government loans. we haven't invented tarp yet. the money is where it belongs with you. what happened? well, g.m. was going out so we took a bunch of our -- no, no. they took a bunch of our money and they put it over here. they're about as non-messy with it as i am. they take the money and put it here. then when we had to finish bailing out the financial industry, which basically did this, they did what? i'm goldman sachs, what is the problem? i'm not doing anything wrong with it. when they were finished stuffing their own pockets then they said we have to help g.m. because they're too big to fail and they're union, you know.
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they took this money along with a little more of yours. put it in a government loan bucket. then they took that and gave it to g.m. g.m. needed to pay that money back. so here is what they did. took this money back, five years early you know. that is how they paid you back. that's it. you feeling paid back? no, you didn't get the money. they're taking it and moving it from bucket to bucket. that's all they're doing. >> i'm ben stein. what is going to happen with g.m. the government will lend more money to g.m. to pay off the first borrowing from g.m. and when that's exhausted they will lend more money to g.m. it's fine with me, i have
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g.m. cars. i love g.m. cars and i want them to stay in business forever but whether the government will actually get paid back very much a dicey question. i like g.m. to be in business. i want spare parts for my cadillac. >> thanks, ben. you all know ben stein, right? next, the plan that glenn thinks the government should adopt to help get us out of the big black hole.
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i'm harris faulkner. president obama wrapping up a trip to milwaukee promising to put americans back to work. he announced sick-year transportation plan -- six-year transportation plan that will need congressional approval, tough to get in this election year. tropical storm hermes going to east texas, and could drop a foot of rain on gulf coast. taliban claiming responsibility for a suicide car bombing in a police station near northwest pakistan, killing 17 police officers and civilians. for more, go to glenn beck returns in a moment but first shannon bream previews "special report." >> coming up, battle ground state of ohio prepares for elections. new report says iranian regime has more nuclear material than previously thought. join us at the top of the
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hour for "special report." ♪ ♪ hello, america. if you just tuned in, we're taking a back-to-school cram session on the u.s. economy. the white house has a budget plan and it's obviously not working. so glenn beck unveiled his own plan along with the cato institute to help get us out of debt. >> roll up your sleeves because we're going to do work. show you how to slash the budget. time to introduce you to the plan. let's go! have you ever wondered why we have social security? this isn't an american idea. it first came from germany in the late 1800s. let's see. who else was promisenant in germany at that time? there was, oh, karl marx, i remember him. nechi. this is where the progressive
5:32 pm
idea came from. when the ideas floated across the atlantic, they took america offcourse. the first half of this century and half of the american existence, there was no entitlement. zero. none. our american founders didn't want them. how did america survive without government assistance? what did the poor people do? they didn't have to work, did they? yes, they did! but they also had the poor among them. they took care of the poor themselves through the churches. they took care of their families. it wasn't until 1929 and herbert hoover. we finally got our own entitlement program. creation of the federal farm board that subsidized agriculture cooperatives. hoover was a rookie. when it came to social programs, he was nothing! we have f.d.r. now.
5:33 pm
he launched a new deal assault on the constitution. he signed in law the social security act of 1934. here is the actual video. this is him signing it in to law. doesn't he look happy? >> this social security measure gives at least some protection to 30 million citizens. >> 30 million citizens. >> some protection but giving our children nothing. the progressive wave of socialism european affected america. this is it. this is european thinking. this is not america. entitlements are causing to us go broke. this is a share of total spending. defense, 20%. social security, 19%. medicare, 13. medicaid 8. this is unsustainable. in less than six years the
5:34 pm
federal government will pay out more in social security benefits than the taxes that it takes in to fund it. our social security administration is getting $788 billion in fiscal year 2011. that breaks out to $6,500 per u.s. household. can you write a check for that? that's what we're doing. >> we have to move to social security system with private security accounts to give individual control over the retirement future. >> here is the problem with all the systems whether you look at social security or electropolitics, healthcare, education, we inherit the systems, right, that evolved from years and years. we like to think they evolve rationally. but they're totally chaotic. we try to solve problems rationally untangling them and we can't. >> how would you take on
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medicare? >> medicare costs are exploding and the single biggest financial threat to the nation's future. no doubt. why are the costs exploding tens of millions of elderly going to doctor and hospitals get free service so they demand more and more. the solution is go to individually based consumer system. someone hits age of 65 you give them a federal, $11,000 voucher so buy it in the private market and that will encourage them to be good consumers like they are good consumers when they buy a car or any other product. >> i'm ben stein. i would not paying social security to the rich or paying medicare to the rich. it will never happen and it will eventually bankrupt us and we'll eventually go broke. >> glenn: he is going to far now. he's cutting education. yes, we can, and yes we will.
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c'mon, let's go! here is the thing. i do want to educate children. but dumping billions of dollars at schools failing isn't the way to do it. how do you fix education? first, start to fix our families. james madison's mother taught him to read and write. john quincy adams was home schooled until the age of nine. do you think these guys -- what about this guy? abraham lincoln. he was home schooled. his mother caught him to read. his mother. from bar rowed books. thomas eddieson, his teacher thought he was feebleminded. unteachable. kicked out of school. mom taught edison, you know, the lightbulb guy how to do it at home. it makes no sense to teach the way we've been teaching the last 100 years. especially since the technology we have.
5:37 pm
you don't need money for a great education. you need desire. you need a good book. we need to give control of the schools back to the parents and the states. best way to do this is abolish the department of education. we certainly don't need to be giving them more money. >> i'm ben stein. the department of education does not teach one child how to read or do arithmetic. it needs to go. goodbye, department of education. >> glenn: it's time to take on the defense budget. roll up your sleeves, here we go! the united states spends approximately $102 billion to maintain our troops around the rest of the world. watch this. this is the complete around the world, bases overseas. $102 billion on overseas defense.
5:38 pm
add to that $148 billion on iraq and afghanistan. that is $250 billion. why? half of the world expenditure. why? here is the deal. i'm tired of being the world's policeman. we can't do it anymore. we're not the policemen, we're the loiters. we need a new loitering policy. the policy comes from progressives. they say we'll nation build our way to global security. be more like us. the liberals, the democratic progressives say we'll do it through the united nations. we'll send in the blue helmets, which we pay for. this doesn't work. the idea of let's take the armies and put blue or green helmets on them doesn't work. i don't want a global government.
5:39 pm
i don't want a global military force. for all of the donald rumsfeld out there watching me, cursing me out right now saying this is no time to get rid and cut defense spending, this will help. are you ready? this is the world's spending. this is how much, this is -- who accounts for all of the military spending in the world? here it is. there is south asia. africa. this part is russia. right here. east asia. china. this is all europe. here is america. almost half of all money spent on the military expenditures the entire globe, we spend 47% of it. the next bigger spender is europe. by the way, that's not a country. that is a collection of countries. 20%. $289 billion is what they spend on military related
5:40 pm
expenses. $289 billion for everything. we spend $250 billion protecting them and fighting a war we're supposed to be partners with. for our defense? don't tell me we can't afford to cut back. we can. we found $400 billion to trim from the budget. we have just done a few things. all we need is commitment and common sense. but we also need understanding and we need a real dialogue with americans. i vote for the plan! do you? next, what glenn says is particularly bankrupting america.
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big labor unfunded pension plan is bankrupting america. the next chapter in the fundamental transformation of our economy starts right now. >> glenn: see if this makes sense to you. california firemen. a big fat guy. he retires at the age of 50. he is making $125,000 a year. he will retire with a pension, approximately $94,000 a year. 50. now how many people does it take underneath him to pay for that pension? 19.
5:45 pm
19. 19 firemen underneath him paying for his retirement, making $50,000 a year. and putting 10% of their salaries in to his pension. all of them have to take 10% and pay it here. well, that is not happening in a lot of cities. the highest we found was 8%. some are 6%. some are 4%. most are zero. so the unions convinced that firefighters that this was sustainable. and the politics helped them. when the 19 firefighters retire to pay their pensions how many? 352 firefighters making $50,000 a year and putting 50% of their pension in to pay for one year of the
5:46 pm
firefighter pension. i think your small town, will never -- they'll be there with water and a match. how many firefighters do you need, america? we all want to buy in the bull crap. we said it will never get worse than this. we said it would never end. we bought in the lie that you can have it all. it's a lie. it works for one generation. one. and then what? the people who risk their lives get screwed and they blame it on you and me. it is the union.
5:47 pm
the criminal union bosses with the politicians that they don't care anything about t you or the constitution or the republic or your city. they don't care. look at the cities. these are the cities that are cutting teachers and cops. they need help from the federal government. see how many of the economies are being collapsed by the workers of the world unite unions and their pensions. in oakland, they laid off 80 cops after the riots. the public pension deals made in the boom times, we can't afford them anymore. check. philadelphia, unos are fighting to keep -- unions are fighting to keep devastating pension plans on the books, like the deferment option that cost the city so much in the last few years. check. baltimore, unions, fighting pension reductions, though the cuts are necessary to avert a fiscal disaster in the city. check.
5:48 pm
newark, $16.7 billion definite. chicago? don't worry about chicago. here is their budget. no biggie with chicago. they're only $654 million in the hole. all the cities are falling apart. yeah. i don't think it's a tough economy or the bush politics. i'm not a fan of george w. bush but no one in the media will tell you that. no. i'm a big republican. it's all the economy. the economy is exposing and accelerating what the progressives want to do in the first place, collapse the system and start all over again. this is antiquated. this constitution is old and dusty. they are doing a pretty good job, no? progressivism is a cancer. if we keep going down the road all of our cities will be crumbling because you'll be paying for the dirt bag cities that made choices to do crazy stuff that you weren't involved in.
5:49 pm
>> i'm ben stein. there is no doubt pension plan and guarantee for government workers and state municipalities of america are going to wreak havoc. they are already wreaking havoc. it cannot last. no reason why a hard-working taxi driver or bank teller should have to subsidize an astronomical pension rate of a retired civil servant. it's just not right and it is going bankrupt america. >> next, i'm going to tie the crash course all together. back in a moment.
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so here is what we learned during tonight's crash course on the destruction of the u.s. economy. let's go over it once again. a man named richard cloward and a woman named frances fox piven gave birth to a strategy to economically collapse america so a new system could be put in place. with a rich step down so poor can step up to power. that strategy was adopted by acorn. [ chanting ] students for a democratic society and loads of other
5:54 pm
progressives and radicals who are now helping ruin our country. >> you never want a serious crisis to go to waste. >> we learned the trillion dollar healthcare bill is massive redistribution of wealth. even the "new york times" says so. it's one-sixth of the economy and the president admits the bill is used to transform the economy. just gradually, though, not in one fail swoop. >> yes, it's one-sixth of the economy but we're not transforming one-sixth of the economy in one fail swoop. >> financial reform bill we learned is a financial disaster. >> how do we pass a law that passes the buck from lawmakers to appointed bureaucrats? it takes 2300 panges to outline the different group of people who can later come and figure this out! what is wrong with us, america? >> so was the takeover of general motors.
5:55 pm
taxpayers are being promised they are going to get all the money back from that but where is the money coming from? >> glenn: they took this money with more of yours and put it in here with a government loan bucket. then they took that money and gave it to g.m. well, g.m. needed to pay that money back. so here is what they did. they took this money back. five years early, you know. >> glenn: that's how they paid you back. that's it. you feeling paid back? >> we learned that glenn with the cato institute found $400 billion to trim from the federal budget. we learned that big labor's unfunded pension plans are bankrupting america. i'll tell you what is coming up tomorrow, next.
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. that is it for tonight. special big thanks for ben stein for his enlightening commentary throughout the program. for more economic words of wisdom from ben the latest book is called "the little book of bulletproof investing." if you want more of me tune in to freedom block on

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